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Moms At a Bachelorette Party?

Have you ever wondered why you see the mother of the bride or the groom’s mother at a bachelorette party? Has it made you uncomfortable? Do you feel obligated to invite the bride’s mother? These are questions we hear all the time and today we are answering all you inquisitive party goers.

Bachelorette parties have grown in popularity over the last decades. Gone are the days of strippers and wild nights. Bachelorette parties can be mild, wild, unique, trendy or even a simple dinner. Bachelorette parties are about getting together, sharing past stories and creating new memories. Let’s face it, moms had a big role in the past so perhaps the bride to be would like her included or ….maybe not.

The decision to invite the mom(s) can make or break the event so play it safe and follow these tips:

• It’s the bride to be’s night out. It’s her celebration. Consider how she would feel either way
• If the bride to be and her mother are inseparable and extremely close, the bride may be hurt if you did not invite her.
• If the bachelorette party involves things that will make the mom uncomfortable, it is probably not a good idea.
• If you decide to invite the mother of the bride, you should also include the groom’s mother. Not inviting her could hurt some or all of the family not to mention cause drama.
• If the bride to be has mentioned she does not want her there. Enough said. Don’t do it.

The decision is definitely not easy however; following the above tips may help. If you’re stuck, compromise. Include the mom(s) in part of the festivities. If the bachelorette party is starting off at a restaurant for dinner, have the mom join for dinner. Not only will you make the mom happy but the bride to be will feel you really tried to make her night perfect! After dinner, ensure the mom(s) are taken back home safely and continue on with the bachelorette party.
In 2010 out of 642 bachelorette parties planned by VIP Bachelorette, 41 (that we know of) had mom(s) at the bachelorette party. Of those 41, 8 of those were actually planned by the mom. Our party hosts have even mentioned that they have seen the moms dancing on the bars! Hey, moms are fun too.

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