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Let’s Talk About Boys- Everything you ever wanted to know about ROB!


Chicago's Ultimate Bachelorette Party PlannersMany of our clients have asked us questions about our staff including our party hosts. This week, we thought it would be fun to answer some of those questions. This week we will answer questions about Rob. Rob is not only the General Manager, he is also a party host on select Saturday nights. He sings, he dances but most importantly he makes every girl feel like a VIP!






Here are the questions about Rob that the girls asked most frequently and the answers Rob provided:

  • Does he have a girlfriend? No, I Don’t. I used to when I first started with VIP , but it didn’t work out. She had a problem with girls calling me in the middle of the night asking me “where are you?” Obviously, these were VIP Bachelorette clients, but in the end, she didn’t care.
  • Is this his personal cell phone on our itinerary? Yes, that is my personal cell. Feel free to text me whenever you are looking for a good time in Chicago!
  • Can he watch my liquor that I left on the party bus while I have dinner? I wouldn’t trust me with it. Your VIP Drivers are a little more responsible when it comes to not drinking on the job.
  • Can I call him when I get to every venue so that he can walk us in? I would love to walk every party in, but there is only one Rob to go around. If you want to meet up at a club, shoot me a text and let me know where you are at. I am infamous for dropping by a club unexpectedly to check on my parties.
  • How can I get him to sing to the bride? Well I usually sing to the Bride’s to be at the preparty to make sure you check me out there. If you miss me there, and you really want me to bust out a song at your party, I will try my best to work that into my schedule for the night.
  • Can I pay him for a personal host? You can, but let’s remember what the term “host” means. I am not a stripper. (I like to think I have a little more class than that) but this doesn’t mean lap dances are out!
  • Can he do a shot with us? I cannot drink with any bachelorette party. It’s in my contract with VIP Bachelorette. I can have an occasional shot near the end of my shift but I usually try to steer clear of drinking with my girls. When I mix business with pleasure, it get’s messy.

Yes! We do get asked those questions about Rob! Since he answered your burning questions, I thought it would be fun to make him answer some more. So here you are ladies, the 411 on Rob

  • Why do you like party hosting for VIP Bachelorette? I like to see people having fun
  • What do you do in your spare time? I work. I guest bartend at a lot of the bars and clubs that VIP works with.
  • What are your tips for girls the night of their party? I actually have a couple of tips.
  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Things will come up like rude door guys, jerks at the bar, and girls who bump into while you are dancing. This happens every night at bars in Chicago, but it’s how you deal with it that makes your night. Remember you are there to make sure the bride has a good time. If someone spills their drink on you, although you might be extremely pissed off, just go take a second to calm down and dry off your clothes. If not, the spilled drink can escalate to a bar fight which will get you kicked out, and ruin the bride’s night. It’s not worth it. I suggest that you laugh it off and ask the sloppy person who spilled to buy the bride and you a shot or drink to make up for it. Now you just turned some drama into a funny story you can tell your friends later.
  2.  Take care of your servers and bartenders. The more you take care of them by tipping, the more attention they will give you! In most cases, good tipping will get you free drinks, shots and a discounted bar tab. When you are friends with the bartender, you are also guaranteed to be served first over some girl who just walked up to the bar
  • What else can you tell the ladies to help make their night fabulous? Get Dressed to kill! In Chicago it’s all about how you look, so make sure you bring you’re A-Game! There will be a ton of pictures, so make sure you are comfortable in what you wear and you feel sexy. Who knows who you will run into?





How to Compare Event and Party Planning Companies


Is your party planner reputable? Is the company you’re working with going to ensure things go well? These are valid questions and should be asked when you are choosing a company to plan your event.  The selection of an event planning company can make or break your event so we have put together some tips that will help you choose the right company(s)


  • Check if the company is in good standing with the state. Visit the Secretary of State and do a corporate search. The company should be listed as active. Illinois can be found here:
  • Is the phone number on the website or company brochure a business line? We know many people use their cell phones for business but every company should have a business line.
  • Do they take credit cards as a form of payment? This is important. If a company does not take credit cards and prefers cash, or paypal;  it should raise a red flag. Reputable companies will offer their clients various payment methods and can afford to have a credit card processor and be able to pay the fees.
  • Look at testimonials. How many are there? Have you looked at yelp? This is an important part of learning about a company. Not only does it tell the client/customers experience but it also can tell you if the company is actually planning parties and events.
  • Ask for references. Any reputable company will have no problem providing you with references. Ensure that these people are  actually people who have planned an event and are friends with the party planner.
  • Talk to their vendors. Have the party/event planning company supply you at least two, and maybe three companies (one being a hotel) and talk with the company. Ask things like “how long have you worked with XO company”


Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Good companies and business owners will be happy to provide you with the information you need.

The Hotel Sax, Chicago. A VIP Bachelorette Inc, Chicago Partner. VIP Bachelorette, the #1 Bachelorette Party Planners in the MidwestThe Joynt, Chicago. A VIP Bachelorette Inc, Chicago Partner. VIP Bachelorette, the #1 Bachelorette Party Planners in the MidwestUncle Fatty's, Chicago. A VIP Bachelorette Inc, Chicago Partner. VIP Bachelorette, the #1 Bachelorette Party Planners in the MidwestKit Kat Club & Lounge, Chicago. A VIP Bachelorette Inc, Chicago Partner. VIP Bachelorette, the #1 Bachelorette Party Planners in the Midwest






Girlfriend Getaways in Chicago

Girlfriend Getaways

No Boys, no stress, no limits. Girlfriend getaways are becoming more popular with bachelorette parties and Chicago is just the place to have them. Why travel somewhere else when Chicago has everything you need and more? According to a recent article written by Frommer’s, Chicago is one of their top travel destinations for 2012. With everything from five star hotels, celebrity sightings at the hottest nightclubs, and pampering services that will leave you breathless. Chicago is the perfect place to bond with the girls.

Restaurants like The Kit Kat Club that features classic movies on the walls and female impersonators that strut their stuff (The Kit Kat Divas) are packing in groups of girls every weekend. With specialty martinis and the popular coconut crab cakes; they have become one of the most popular places for bachelorettes and girlfriends. Shopping on the famous “Mag Mile” is another Chicago favorite. From trendy little boutiques to high-end shops (my favorite) and world-famous department stores, Chicago shopping is a memory every girl charishes.

We asked our bachelorettes that planned girlfriend getaways with us what they would recommend and here are some of their favorites:

“Sax Hotel- Amazing! We had the best time in that penthouse suite, thanks VIP!” Julie

“We did the weekend package that included brunch at Zed 451. Although the whole weekend was great, Zed 451 was by far our favorite place. We needed those bloody marys and the food is mouthwatering” Tahlia

“I was happy with all the places but my favorite Chicago experience had to be the in room spa services at the Sax Hotel” Cindy

“The night clubs in Chicago are hot! The best part was not waiting in line and of course the beautiful people” Lilya

To see what else our clients are saying visit our testimonial page.

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