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VIP Bachelorette now offers Custom Apparel

Need Custom Apparel for your Party?
Get ready to be Sassy!

Here are some hot looks from VIP Bachelorette for your bachelorette party! We have t-shirts, tank tops, trendy tops and more! Customize our designs with your own names, dates and colors!

Click on any link below for your customized bachelorette shirt





Bachelorettes on a Budget

Looking for ways to host a fabulous Bachelorette party without going broke?

Follow these tips and tricks and we assure you will not only save a few bucks but you will get lots of credit from the bride to be!

Make the veil!- Why spend $15-$20.00 on a veil. Have the bridal party pitch in and make a veil. All you need is glue, needle and thread and of course a tiara or some funny items. Most of which you can but at the dollar store. You can attach whatever you like and it is more personable and fun!Bride to Be Doing Shots courtesy of VIP Bachelorette Inc, Chicago. The #1 Bachelorette Party Planners in the Midwest

VIP Bachelorette offers our clients free games and scavenger hunts that can be printed for free. Ask a representative from VIP for a bundle of free bachelorette games. We will email it offer and you simply print it out!

Don’t walk into a store for bachelorette gear and spend a ton of money! Remember, these items will be used that night only and will most likely be trashed half way through the evening. VIP Bachelorette offers many alternatives to spending hundreds of dollars on bachelorette supplies.Bachelorette Party Kits are a great way to get everyone something fun and memorable at an affordable price. For $10.00 a kit each girl will receive a boa, beads, flashy lights, A VIP Bachelorette button and glowstick jewlery. Best of all, when you get the kits, the brides kit is FREE

FREE Drinks! The Bride usually can get many FREE drinks when she is celebrating her final fling, but what about the other girls? Print out drinking games and dares that says the guy must but a drink for the bride and his friend must buy the girl of his choice a drink. Works every time! Another way is to play the one with the most drinks wins! Guys love when girls come up and ask for drinks, it is a great way to start conversations and meet some new people!

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