Lingerie Parties

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Lingerie and loungewear. The way you want it!

The VIP Bachelorette Lingerie Party package gives you the exclusive opportunity to design your own lingerie and lounge-wear! There are many styles to choose from, a selection of luxurious fabrics and an array of exquisite ribbons and bows that will inspire a design unique to your personal style. Give us just three weeks and your new “pretty little things” will be sewn up in Chicago and sent out for delivery right to your door.

Our private parties can be in your home, a hotel or any other location of your choosing and there’s no fee to host a party, but there is a minimum purchase of $500. Don’t let this number scare you though! The party hostess receives a $25 gift certificate as a token of appreciation and can earn more dependent on her party’s sales. We also give the bride a little special mini shopping spree as well!

For pricing and other information please contact us using the information on our Contact Us page
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